We are also specialised in:

Chronic Pain:

Physiobourne Physiotherapy and Acupuncture - Chronic Pain
Suffering from chronic pain can be a life controlling condition and is often poorly managed. Physiotherapy, acupuncture and exercise can help greatly in managing chronic pain. Here at Physiobourne we aim to assess, treat and support you with coming to terms and managing your symptoms.

Post cancer:

Physiobourne Physiotherapy and Acupuncture - Post Cancer
A particular interest here at Physiobourne is to aid individual’s post cancer recovery. We aim to provide guidance, support and information on how to get back on track with physical fitness and managing symptoms such as pain and anxiety. Please contact us to find out more about the services in this area we can offer.

Post injury/surgery:

Physiobourne Physiotherapy and Acupuncture - Post injury / surgery
We are highly experienced in treating a wide variety of complex sporting injuries at any stage of the recovery process. We also provide guidance in facilitating your recovery post orthopaedic surgery. Physiobourne will endevour to be able to assist you to maximise your recovery.